Converting Document Based Load Files from Page Based Loadfiles

Do the following steps to create a document based .opt file:

  1. In the production LOADFILES folder, locate the VOL001.lexbeloadfile.xlsx file.

    1. Create a copy of this file (by selecting it and then doing a Crtl+C followed by Crtl+V).

    2. Open the new file “VOL001.lexbeloadfile - Copy.xlsx” in Excel by double clicking on it.

  2. Delete all columns except for:

    1. BEGDOC

    2. PAGES

    3. VOLUME

    4. PDFPATH

  3. The resulting Excel should look similar to this:

  1. Add the following formula to cell E2:


  1. Copy down the formula (by dragging the bottom right hand corner of the cell) so there is a formula for every row with data.

  2. The resulting Excel should look similar to to this:Untitled.png

  3. Open a new file in NotePad. Copy and Paste the data content of the E column into this new file.

  4. The resulting NotePad should look similar to this:

Untitled 2.png

    9. Save the NotePad file in the Production LOADFILES folder as VOL001.PDF.opt