The metadata section is part of the Discovery Tab in the Document Viewer page. The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) includes extracted metadata of uploaded emails (email sender, receiver, date, time, and subject), as well as author and date last modified for native files, which can be used for document collection, culling, and organization. In particular, use of extracted metadata can greatly speed and ease preparation of Privilege Logs. The final Privilege Log is created in Excel and can be downloaded and further reviewed.

Metadata-viewing and Custom Tagging within the Document Viewer

These field titles and tags are used to identify documents and associate with multiple specific issues the user has established for a case.  For a detailed explanation of this topic see Manage Custom Doc Fields.  

Only Admin Users have the ability to edit the Disc Tab when a document is selected from the Search or Browse pages. The custom sections will be visible to all users.  Click the down arrow next to a section to expand it to see the contents.

Code documents (checkboxes and text boxes), then save as part of the coding process.  All the changes made into the Disc Tab can be either saved or cancelled.  

Custom Coding Fields

When new custom coding fields are added to any document uploaded into LEP, these coding fields will also be displayed as subsections under the Disc Tab from the Document Viewer.

Creating Coding Sections (Text and Checkboxes)

Custom coding fields are organized into expandable sections.  First, set up one or more sections to contain and organize the fields. Examples of section names could be Redacted Information, Attorney Comments, etc.

Below is a short description of how to create a coding section:

Go to the Manage Custom Doc Fields page and click on Add Coding Section, located in the upper left corner of the screen.

A new window will be displayed so the new custom fields (tag) may be created (e.g. Redaction Log).
This action will display the new coding section in the main screen of the Custom Field Section.

To create fields under the new Coding Section, click on Add Coding Field from the upper left corner of the screen.  A new window will be opened in order to create the options for the coding section. To view the new Coding Section and Field(s), click on any link to the document in LEP from the Search or Browse.

All fields must be located under a section or the fields will not display on the document viewer.

The Admin User(s) may add or delete a custom coding field/section at any time.  Click on the Edit or Delete buttons located in main screen of the Edit Custom Coding Fields under Manage Custom Doc Field.  If a coding field or section is deleted, the action cannot be undone.