Data Right, Ownership and Confidentiality

Lexbe customers represent, as part of account set-up and maintenance, that the Customer and its agents have full right and authority to request Lexbe services and to upload and ingest ESI into the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP), as part of Customer’s ownership of the ESI, or right to use or access the ESI through legal process, or otherwise. 

Lexbe disclaims any ownership interest in the ESI and agrees to hold the ESI as an agent of Customer (or Customer’s attorney if Customer is not an attorney or law firm) pursuant to attorney-client privilege and/or attorney work-product, as may be applicable, and to keep the ESI confidential.  Customers are be responsible for compliance with all personally identifiable information ("PII") that may be included in the ESI, and understand that Lexbe hosts all ESI on encrypted servers in the U.S., and does not comply with local hosting requirements of any non-US countries.