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Facts Tab

Location:  Document Viewer->Facts Tab


The Facts Tab is the fourth tab located near the upper right of the Document Viewer. To open the Document Viewer click on any link to a document from the Search or Browse page. The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) allows users to add multiple Facts to a particular document. Each fact may be edited at any time.  The Facts section will display all the facts related to the current document.  Facts can be added from the Fact and Issues page or from the Document Viewer during review.

Associating Documents with Existing Facts and Issues

If a user has previously created a fact either in the Facts and Issues page or during another part of a document review, any document can be subsequently added to that fact by selecting it in the Add Doc to Existing Fact drop down menu.  Additional facts can be created at any point during a review.

Create New Facts

Click the New Fact link to open a new Facts window, which will display the following fields:
  • Date Start: Often a date referred to in the document. Can be left blank. 
  • Date End: Often a date referred to in the document. Can be left blank. 
  • Contested: If the fact is contested or not (optional). 
  • Material: The Material field allows you to indicate if a fact is material, not material, or undecided.
  • Page: Refers to the document's page shown in the Document Viewer.

In the example provided, a document was  opened 
in the Document Viewer with 14 pages. A a new fact was created including a Date Start: 7/7/2000, and in the Page field: 2, referring to the page where the fact is found in the larger document.

Title:  Enter the substance of the fact in the Title field. Facts will be easier to work with if the Title refers to one fact and not several facts or a compound fact.Custodians: Associate the litigants, deponents, witnesses, and other individuals and organizations to the New Fact. 
Issues:  The fact will be assigned to one of the Issues previously created by the user in the Facts and Issues page, and then categorized under the case.

After saving the new fact, a link to the page related to the particular fact (e.g. page 3) will be created. By clicking on the link, the page related to the Fact will be opened in a new tab in the browser.

Users should save all Facts before moving to the next document.