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Related Tab

Related Tab

Location:  Document Viewer->Related Tab


The Related Tab is the fifth tab located near the upper right of the Document Viewer. To open the Document Viewer click on any link to a document from the Search or Browse page.

The Related section will display Email Families, Exact Duplicates and Near Duplicates associated to the selected document.

The User can click the link of any associated files(s) identified in any one of the three sections identified below:

Email Families

The email parent and its attachment children are maintained as a family in LEP, and LEP is designed to prevent such families from being broken during the review and production processes. The family can be viewed in the Related tab near the upper right of the Document Viewer as shown below.  A User may click on any of the hyperlinks in the Email Family Related tab to view the corresponding file.


For more detail on working in LEP within Email families, please review our Technical Note on Email Families & Propagation of Coding.

Exact Duplicates

Exact Deduplication is done within identified Custodians only (using the Custodian field in LEP) and not between Custodians.  If no Custodians are identified in LEP for a case (i.e. no Custodians assigned), then duplication is effected across all documents.

The User can access exact duplicate files from the Document Viewer, identified under the Related tab.  See below example.  From this tab the User is able to find  and code similar documents, accelerate review by mass tagging similar documents, and check consistency on responsiveness and privilege groupings between similar documents, email threading, etc.

For more detail on working with duplicates and the differences in how the deduplication process works, please review our Technical Note on deduplication.


Near Duplicates


Near Duplication identifies files and emails that are nearly identical (50% similar in text content). This would include, for example, multiple versions of a Microsoft Word document with slight modifications over time or a repetitive chain of email threads.  Near Duplicate files are identified from the Document Viewer, identified under the Related tab.  See below.



Near Duplication is independent of Exact Deduplication and is only available as a service provided by Professional Services.  See Deduplication for more information.

Contact your Sales Representative for pricing information.