Download Briefcase

Location:  Case->Download Briefcase


Files and documents may be shared with persons outside the Platform by downloading documents 
selected from the SearchBrowse, and Document Viewer pages to a briefcase.  The briefcase is shared using a shared download link or by copying the briefcase to a flash drive or CD.

Create Download Briefcases

From the Search or Browse pages, documents may be selected by checking individually, Page or All.  Click the link Select all XX documents.  Expand Export on the left and click Export To Briefcase.

From the Document Viewer page, the user may export the current document to a briefcase by clicking on the download arrow in the blue bar on the upper right corner of the screen. 

After clicking Export To Briefcase, the Export to Briefcase dialog box will open.  

For each Briefcase export, the following information can be entered into the dialog box above:

Title: Unique Name for the briefcase being downloaded.  By default, the title will display as 'Briefcase MM/DD/YYYY.'
Comments: Specific comments related to the download.

Name Files: The user may name the files using the following fields: Doc Title, Bates Numbers, Control Numbers, Doc Dates, Original Doc Titles, or Doc IDs.  When naming files by Doc Dates, the standard date format must be YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2020-10-21).

Control Number Prefix: Add an optional prefix when stamping Control Numbers on PDFs.

Custom Designation:
This is a default value to designate confidential information in a set of documents on a case level. 
This field can be edited, and can fit up to 50 characters. The Custom Designation section must be used in conjunction with the Custom Designation tag and Bates Stamp in order to print a message on the lower right of a Bates stamped page once the download is complete.  The Custom Designation is equivalent to the Attorney Eyes Only, Subject to Protective Order or other special designation for confidential documents. 

Doc ID: This is an internal string of numbers automatically generated to keep track of each file uploaded/processed.  It identifies documents printed before Bates numbers have been used (e.g. during review process before a production).  It also allows in multiple productions (different Bates) that the produced document is the same (same Doc ID as a control number).

Control Number: This is a sequential number similar to Bates numbering that may be used as an internal reference number during review.  There is an option to add a unique prefix to the control number. It will print on the bottom right of the page as an option in Download Briefcases and Productions.  See Control Numbers for more information.
Bates Stamp: If checked, it will apply the Bates numbering to all pages of the PDF documents included in the download.  Bates numbering must be applied before downloading to a briefcase.  Adding Bates numbering to a large number of documents can take a long time or even time out.  If this happens, break into smaller batches and download again.  If a Bates number is already on the PDF image, then this function will write the Bates again (which may not be intended).  This function is meant for a limited number of documents, such as preparing for a deposition, and is not intended as a substitute for conducting a document production.  See the Production Job for more information.
Notification: Select this option to receive email notification (user email address) when the Briefcase download is completed. 

Download Briefcases

Briefcases can be downloaded locally by selecting Case > Download Briefcase, and then clicking the download arrow next to the briefcase to be downloaded.  

Clicking the Download arrow will open a dialog box on the user's local machine prompting the user to save the compressed (zipped) folder to the computer.  

Folder Structure Included in the Briefcase

When a briefcase is downloaded, it will include a folder titled Briefcase and the following subfolders:

ANNOTATED:  Includes any annotated versions of the files.
ORIGINALS: Folder designated for all native files (Word, Excel, JPG, PGN, etc.)  MSGs and container files will also be part of the Download Briefcase in the ORIGINALS subfolder. 
PDF: The PDF version of the corresponding native files (Word, Excel, etc.) that are automatically created after an upload.
REDACTED: Includes any redacted versions of the files.  Briefcases are not intended for productions and do not withhold Privileged documents, Work Product documents or natives that are associated with redacted documents.

Sharing Download Briefcases

The Platform allows the user to share files with non-Platform users.  See Share Downloading Briefcase for more information.

Download Times and Other Considerations

The time to create a Briefcase depends on the number of documents and whether they are being Bates stamped.  The Briefcase will be available for download from Case->Download Briefcase.   

The download of a few documents without Bates stamping will be completed very quickly.  Downloads of many documents with Bates stamping can take a long time (even hours for large Briefcases) to create.  Bates stamping and the subsequent zipping of files is processing-intensive and time consuming.

Expect an approximate 100 GBs/day rate (~2,000,000 pages) (varies based on Internet connection speed) within the Platform account (combined all cases) to create and download Briefcases or Productions (including Bates numbering).  The Platform serves downloads from a high-speed 10 Gbps connection, so download limitations will not typically be from our end.  For more information contact Professional Services.

It is not necessary to keep the Browse, Search and Document Viewer pages open while the Platform is creating a download file or while downloading.  

The Platform will warn users about slow processing with simultaneous downloads. 

For self-download, it is best practice to limit the size of the download batch to 1-4 GBs.  Many computers and browsers have limits on the file size they can download (e.g., 4 GB).

Windows users can create Download Briefcases of any size.  However, larger downloads can take a long time to create.  MAC OS X does not support very large Briefcases, and we recommend that MAC users create multiple Download Briefcases of 2 GB in size. 

Production and briefcase creation increases monthly hosting cost as it uses more storage.  We bill on the basis of the highest usage in the account within the month.  For PDF productions and briefcases, the size of the production will be approximately the same size of the original documents produced.  The Platform charges include the Briefcases in addition to other storage used. 

Download Briefcases By Case

It is possible to view, select and download Briefcases by Current Case or All Cases In Account.

Creating Briefcase with Bates

Create a custom tag from the Management->Manage Custom Doc Fields (e.g. To Print->T
o Print by Bates).
Tag the documents with the custom field using one of these options:  tag and save in the Doc Viewer; select (with checkbox) from Browse and use multi doc edit to tag; apply another search or filter and select the results and tag with multi doc edit; or update the field in Excel and upload using the Excel update feature.

Once all documents are tagged, filter on that tag in Browse and Export to Briefcase.  For the file name option, select Use Bates Numbers.  For Bates Stamps, select Use Existing Bates Numbers.  Select Notification on Completion.  Click Create.

When notified of completion, go to Case->Download Briefcase.  Use the edit button to share a download link.

Delete Briefcases

Once the user has created a download zip file and downloaded the briefcase to a local computer or LAN, it may be deleted from the Platform.  Deleting the briefcase download will have no effect on the original documents from which the download zip file was created.  To delete a briefcase, select the checkbox to the left of the briefcase Title(s).  Click Delete Selected Briefcases.  

PDF Merge 

The Platform allows the user to merge multiple PDF documents from the same batch into one single file.  The user may also insert a separator sheet in between each page of the file.  See PDF Merge for more information.

Exporting PSTs

In the Platform, PSTs are extracted and the attachments are separated from email bodies for better searchability and control (allows redaction, annotation, printing).  The user may deliver loose MSGs as an alternative to a PST by downloading from a Briefcase including a joined PDF or production.

Professional Services can reconstitute a PST from identified MSGs.  The standard hourly rate would apply.