Email Threading

What is email threading?

Case > Add Case Documents > Email Threading

Email threading groups a string of related emails together in a chain. For example, if someone sends a message asking for a response to four people, and all four responds individually, all those messages will create a chain of emails, or a thread. A thread includes the original email and all responses, including forwarded emails.

Benefits of email threading

  • Reduces time and cost of document review

  • Cull unresponsive data

  • Identify responsive emails contained within an email thread

  • Identify the discussion on a topic and then see who all received it

  • Less instances of inconsistent coding of related documents

  • Visual timeline of email thread conversation

How does Lexbe process email threading?

Lexbe uses technology and information contained within email headers that are unique within a single email thread. The process requires all other processing in the case database to be completed.

In the document browser under the related tab, the emails that within the same thread will be listed and linked.

The email threading feature is currently available as a feature managed by Lexbe Professional Services. Please contact Lexbe Professional Services or your Sales Director for more information.