Excel 101

How to Use Excel Spreadsheets

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) supports the two most recent versions of Excel (2010 and 2013).  Best practice is to upgrade from older versions of Excel before exporting logs.  If using older versions (before 2010), the user may lose formatting, hyperlinks, scripts image files (HTML only) or lists of data in a single cell.

Export to Excel

Use the Export to Excel button located on the left side menu bar in the Export section. 

Excel view:

Useful Tips

Find Function.  This feature returns the location of a sub-string in a string. The search is case sensitive. The fastest way to access this function is CTRL+F.     

Filtering.  To filter on the data, select the column, click on Data->Filter from the menu bar or press CTRL+SHIFT+L. 

Sorting.  This function allows the user to reorder data based on the type of sorting.  Select the column(s), click Data->Filter from the menu bar or press CTRL+SHIFT+L to access the drop-down menu.  Sort data in Alphabetical Order (Ascending), Reverse Alphabetical Order (Descending) or Customize Sort.

An Excel spreadsheet may be edited and shared without specific privileges. It is the user's sole responsibility.