Creating Custom Document Sections and Fields

Location: Management->Manage Custom Doc Fields.


Admin Users can set up an unlimited number of custom tags to enable sophisticated document organization and filtering.
Only Account Admin Users can set up these fields (although all users can view and use). If you are an account administrator and do not see this option, contact Professional Services.  

Instructional Video:

For video instruction to creating and managing custom doc fields, follow this link.

How to Set Up Custom Coding Section and Fields

Custom coding sections and fields can be added and managed from the Management>Manage Custom Doc Fields page.  Custom sections are used to organize the custom fields into meaningful groups where as the custom fields are used to code the actual document.  Both sections and fields are visible on the Doc Viewer and can be displayed on the Browse screen.

Adding Coding Sections

A custom coding section should be created first to contain and organize the custom fields. The custom section is generally a short descriptor of an issue relevant to the custom fields.  To add a coding section, from the Management>Manage Custom Doc Fields page, click Add. Fill in the new coding section title, new field title and select the type of custom field.

A custom field will represent a specific meaning that can be correlated to documents using a check box or text box field.  Custom fields can be filtered on or out and can be applied to documents either directly from the Doc Viewer or using the MultiDocUpdate feature from the Browse or Search screen. 

Edit Section and Field Titles

To change a custom section title or custom field label, click on Edit, change the text of the label, and then click Update.
Sections and fields can also be organized and moved by selecting and holding the square dots to the left of the field titles and dragging them to the desired location in the list. The field title(s) will move with the section title and can be collapsed or expanded  all at once or individually.

 The order of the custom fields will be reflected in the document browser under the coding and metadata section.