Creating Custom Document Sections and Fields

Location: Management->Manage Custom Doc Fields.


Admin Users can set up an unlimited number of custom tags to enable sophisticated document organization and filtering.
Only Account Admin Users can set up these fields (although all users can view and use). If you are an account administrator and do not see this option, contact Technical Services.  

How to Set Up Custom Coding Section and Fields

Custom coding sections and fields identify documents and associate documents with multiple specific custom fields. This page controls the labels of the sections and fields. 

Adding Coding Sections

Custom coding fields are organized into expandable sections. A custom coding section should be created first to contain and organize custom fields. The custom section is generally a short descriptor of an issue relevant to the custom fields. 

Adding Fields

Coding fields are added in a similar fashion. Click on Add Coding Field and specify the label name and whether a checkbox or text box is desired for that particular field.

Edit Section and Field Titles

To change a custom section title or custom field label, click on Edit, change the text of the label, and then click Update. The new label will then display in other parts of the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform application, such as the Discovery tab on the Document Viewer or as a field on the Browse page.