Manage Users

Location: Account->Manage Users

This is an administrative function and only available to Admin Users of an account.

Select Account 

All accounts for which the Admin User has administrative rights are listed in the drop down window. The Admin User may only select one account at a time. Once an account is selected, the cases within the account appear in the main table on the right side of the screen. 

Create New Users in Account

Select Create New User In Account.
Click Add New User, then click Add New User from the left menu.  
In the new dialog box, enter the new user's email address.
Optional changes to the standard Subject and an optional personal message can be added as needed.
Select Send a copy to Myself if a copy of the log-in email to the new user is desired.
Click Add User and Send Login Email.

Add Case(s) to New or Existing Users

To add an existing or new user to any case, select the user(s) you wish to assign, then choose the existing case from the drop down list on the left. Select the case to add using the selection box to the left entitled: Add Case: Add Existing Case to Selected.

Remove User Access to View a Case

Select the user or users by selecting the check boxes on the main table (with the user's name column shown). Then select the case to remove using the selection box to the left entitled: Remove Case: Remove Case from Selected Account. 

Managing User Types

Click on the Edit hyperlink in the main table to the right of the User Name.

Available User Types and User Type Definitions

Account Admin User.  An Account Admin User has full control over an account.

Power User. The Power User can do everything an Account Admin can do except for user administration, creating and deleting cases. 

Standard User plus Add and Delete Doc. This user has all the rights of the Standard User, AND can also upload or permanently delete documents.

Standard User. This is the standard user for a document reviewer/coder. The Standard User can access assigned cases and perform most tasks available in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (e.g. manage folders, edit fields, tagging, multi-doc edit, create, edit and delete notes, download documents, etc.). The Standard User cannot upload, edit custom fields, or permanently delete documents.

Review User.  A Review User type can only see the Browse and Document Viewer pages and has a limited view of review coding fields.  

Read-Only User. A Read-Only User can view the same pages as the Standard User, but cannot make any changes to anything. Nothing in the case will change as a result of a Read-Only User actions.

Limited User. A Limited User can only see certain documents from the Browse page that were assigned by a Custom Coded Shared Checkbox Field.    

Remove User in Account

To remove a user's access from a case or cases select the user or users by checking the User Name on the main user table and click on Remove Users From Account.