Production Validation

Location: Discovery->Production Validation


The production validation process is intended to detect files that are inconsistently coded during a review.  For example, an email family should have both the email parent and the attachments all coded as Responsive.

Instructional Video:

For video instruction for validating a production, follow this link.

Select Production

Select a Production for validation by the title. The drop down menu will display all the productions that have not been already completed (Run Production) in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP). 

Showing Stage Validation-Quality Control Of Productions

The first three tabs isolate from the production set all the files coded as follows: 
1-Responsive. Documents responsive to the opposing side's request for production.
2-Privilege. Indicates attorney-client is relied upon. 
3-Work Product. Indicates if the document is protected (attorney Work-Product privilege).
4-Validated.  Is a summary tab.

Validating Before Switching Tabs

To remedy coding inconsistencies:
Automated Review.  If manual review is not needed and all of the titles displayed in the tab are ready to be coded at the same time, users can expand their designation by clicking on Expand Responsive to make all documents responsive, privilege, and/or work product if any attachment is not tagged properly.  Repeat the same steps for each tab by clicking Next.  Users cannot skip stages until after the message "XX tag passed validation" is shown. 

Once the Validated page displays, the current production is ready to run.

Manual Review. Users can determine inconsistent coding by following the steps below:
1-Click on the title of the document to open it from the Document Viewer.  See Production Job for more information.  
2-From the Disc tab, note if it has been marked Responsive or Privilege, and apply the proper coding.
3-Click on the other members of the email collection, and then switch again to the Disc tab.  For each switch to the Disc tab, modify Privilege or Responsive to make the email family consistent.
4-Once manual coding is finished, return to the Production Validation Page and make sure each tab passes validation.

Interrupting Validation

If edits need to be made to a production, leave the page before moving forward to the next tab.  Once a production is validated, the production set will be locked and no additional documents can be added.  If a production is validated and documents need to be added or removed, then a new production must be created.

Professional Services is available to perform this service at the standard hourly rate.