Production Validation

Location: Discovery->Production Validation


The production validation process is intended to alert users that the production contains partial families and/or documents that are inconsistently coded for responsiveness or privilege. All production jobs must pass validation before being run in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP).

Select Production

Select a Production Job for validation by the title.  The drop down menu will display all the productions that have not yet run in LEP.

Stages of Validation

These validation steps identify files coded as follows:

1.    Partial Email Families. Identifies any document in the production where the parent email has not been included.

2.    Redaction. Ensures that redacted versions of documents have been identified in the production.

3.    Responsive. Confirms that all documents in the production are appropriately marked with regard to responsiveness.

4.    Privilege. Confirms that documents are appropriately marked with regard to attorney-client privilege.

5.    Work Product. Confirms that documents are appropriately marked with regard to work product privilege.

6.    Page Count. Identifies documents more than 500 pages in length, which may lead to extended processing times.

7.    Validated. Confirms that all validation steps are complete, which will allow users to run and download the production.

Production Validation Process

Validation will identify inconsistencies in coding or the presence of partial families; however, these are merely warnings that can be accepted by the user during validation. To remedy coding inconsistencies:

Partial Email Families

  • Identifies documents where Parent emails are not included in the production job;

  • If those partial families are desired, then users can check the "Accept" checkbox and move forward with validation.


  • Identifies documents in the production job marked Not Specified, Needs Further Review, or Non-Responsive;

  • Documents marked as Not Specified or Needs Further Review will need to be fixed before continuing. This can be done by clicking "Fix" to automatically code the identified documents as Responsive, or click View to open each document and update the coding via the Doc Viewer;

  • Documents identified as Non-Responsive will receive a placeholder in the production with its metadata wiped from the load files. To accept this Non-Responsive coding and proceed with validation choose to “Accept” Non-Responsive coding;

  • Native or “lone” Non-Responsive documents will not pass validation.  These documents will need to be coded as Responsive or be removed from the Production.

Privilege / Work Product

  • Identifies documents where any family members that are inconsistently coded as Privileged and/or Work Product regardless of whether they're part of the production job;

  • This is merely an alert to inconsistent coding. Users may 1) code all identified documents as Privileged or Work Product by clicking Expand, or 2) proceed with validation by clicking "Accept." Accepting the inconsistent coding will result in non-privileged documents being produced, and those coded as Privileged or Work Product being withheld from the production. Documents coded as Privileged or Work Product are automatically placed on the Privilege Log.

Page Count

  • Lists all documents in the Production that exceed 500 pages;

  • This is merely a warning; however, documents with extremely large page counts can extend processing times;


  • Confirms that the documents have passed validation for the previous five steps;

  • User is free to Run Production after Validation is complete (see Production Job).

Interrupting Validation

If edits need to be made to a production, leave the page before moving forward to the next tab.  Once a production is validated, the production set will be locked and no additional documents can be added.  If a production is validated and documents need to be added or removed, then a new production job must be created.

Professional Services is available to perform this service at the standard hourly rate.