Location:  Document Viewer->Doc Tab


Used to remove confidential information for documents opened in the Document Viewer.  Redaction digitally removes sections of the document so users can no longer see or retrieve confidential information. Documents may be redacted directly in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) or the user may upload documents that have been manually redacted outside of LEP.

Instructional Video:

For video instruction on redacting documents in LEP, follow this link.

Redact Documents in LEP

This feature allows the user to create a redacted version of documents uploaded to the case. The original document, when present, will still be available to view but will not be part of any productions. Note: Redacting PDFs outside of LEP is possible. However care must be taken to ensure that it is not only a visual redaction, but that the associated text embedded in the document is also removed. 

To use the redaction feature, follow the steps detailed below:

From the Redaction Editor page, select, Open Redaction Editor. Wait, then Refresh the current page until image creation is complete and the document is ready for Redaction.  Larger documents may take slightly longer to initially open inside of the redaction editor.

Use the mouse to draw a gray box around the text or graphic to be redacted. The Edit Redaction dialog box will open automatically. Enter a custom message or leave the default Redacted text.  This message can be saved, deleted, or canceled. There is the option to redact the entire page. Select the box below to redact the entire page. Once the text or graphic has been covered, click Save Redaction. The redacted version of the file will be displayed in the Redacted tab of the document browser. 

Select Undo to go back to the Redaction Editor Page and edit the redaction.  Review the final redaction and click Apply Current Redaction.  The Redaction Editor window will close automatically and will bring you back to the Document Viewer. While the redaction version of the document is being created the user will see the following message displayed directly above the Document tags. 

It can take several minutes to generate a redacted image, especially when redacting large PDF documents.    

When the process has completed, select the Redacted tab in the Document Viewer to view the redacted version.  The Unredacted version can still be viewed from the Page, PDF, and Original tabs.  


Productions automatically replace any documents with their redacted versions in the PDF, TIFF, and TEXT sub-folders.

Working With Redacted Documents

From the Browse and Search pages the user can display the built-in field IsRedacted, and apply a filter (Show Redacted Only) to view only the documents that have been redacted.

Upload Manual Redaction

Choose Upload Manual Redaction to upload documents that have been manually redacted outside of LEP.  If a redacted version of the same file already exists, uploading a new redacted PDF will overwrite the existing redacted documents. See Manual Redaction for more information.   

If the Page and PDF tabs are both grayed out in the Document Viewer, the document is not done processing and therefore cannot be redacted yet.  

Searching for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) To Be Redacted.  

For more information see Personally Identifiable Information.