Review Batch

Location:  Discovery>Review Batch


This page allows reviewers to dynamically checkout 25 documents at a time from a review set as part of a linear review after creating Review Sets (Create Sets).

A Review Set can contain any number of documents which are automatically broken into these Review Batches of 25 documents each. The Review Set allows multiple reviewers to all work through a single set of documents without accidentally reviewing the same document multiple times.

After the Review Manager has created the review set, users can access the Batches by going to the "Discovery Menu>Review Batch."

Users will see a drop down menu where the appropriate Review Set will be chosen.  After selecting the correct Review Set, click "Get Batch"

When the user clicks "Get Batch," the first batch of 25 documents will populate in the "Browse" view, and the user may begin review. 

Users will notice that in the case of emails, only the parent email will be displayed.  This is by design so that the user may code all members of an email family at the same time, using propagation, and the attachments will not show up again later in the review. 

Depending on the review manager's preferences set at the time of the Review Set's creation, documents are listed in order using either the Master Date, or the SourceFilePath.