Lexbe eDiscovery Platform - Feature Summary

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) is designed to be feature-rich, fast, and cost-effective end-to-end complex document management cloud-based electronic discovery software. Attached below at the end of the Technical Note is a detailed feature summary and data sheet of LEP in PDF format. 

Lexbe Overview

Fully-Featured and Easy-to-Use
End-to-end eDiscovery features and functionality.  
Covers all aspects of discovery, including file loading/ingestion, processing, PDF-creation, OCR, document & privilege review, production, depos and transcript analysis, trial prep & more. 
Easy-to-use - minimal staff training needed.

DIY or Lexbe-Handled Assistance
Full-function DIY interface - no required IT, project manager, or vendor administration. 
Quickly add and remove users/cases, upload ESI/documents, run productions, etc. 
As needed, Lexbe’s Professional Services staff of certified eDiscovery Specialists can assist with all stages of discovery and case management.

Support & Professional Services Available
Free 24x7 standard support with web-based ticket system. 
On-demand eDiscovery Professional Services staff available for additional assistance, if and as needed. 
Free on-boarding and weekly training sessions available. 
Lexbe’s eDiscovery Specialists assist clients directly with training, uploading/ingestion and export/production tasks, and other on-demand litigation support functions as needed. 
Lexbe Professional Services staff have substantial law firm experience as senior litigation paralegals and most hold CEDS certifications (Certified E-Discovery Specialist).

Lightning Fast
Most upload/ingestions, processing and productions complete in under one day - often in minutes. 
Continuous auto-updating of search index.  
Complex search queries return in seconds, even for cases as large as one million documents. 
Highly responsive document viewer display - loads within seconds even for large documents with hundreds of pages.  

Robust Security
State-of-the-art Amazon Web Services data center. 
Strong 256-bit SSL in-transit/at-rest encryption and two-factor user authentication. 
AICPA SOC, ISO 27001, and HIPAA, compliant. 
Legal Protective orders, NDAs, AEOs supported.

Affordable Pricing
Multiple hosting options align with case/client needs.  
Usage based - no user or set-up fees; no surprises.  
Flex plans offer ‘pay as you go’ with no commitment.  
Deeply discounted subscription plans for committed long term hosting, including processing re-use.

LEP Feature Summary
Electronically stored information (ESI) DIY upload/ingestion, electronic file archive extraction, metadata extraction and fielding, processing, OCR of image files, text extraction of native files.
Search index construction and maintenance, search interface and saved searches.
Standard and custom created coding fields, standard and customized reports.
Automatic and custom privilege log creation.
PII and other confidential/proprietary information identification and coding.
Redaction editing, transcript management.
Legal fact & issues/chronology construction, briefcases, legal productions and other exports.
End-to-end encryption and other security protocols.
Pre-populated and custom litigation workflows.

Download Feature Summary and Data Sheet
Attached below is a downloadable and printable PDF including a listing of all major features in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform. 

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