Trial Director Litigation Software Integration

The user may export documents from the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) and import them into inData's TrialDirector litigation software.


To move documents from LEP
 to Trial Director, complete the following steps (detailed below):
  • Identify Documents to Export in LEP.
  • Export to Briefcase and Unzip.
  • Open the Import New Items window in TrialDirector.
  • Drag and drop files into TrialDirector.

Identify Documents for Export

There are a number of ways to identify documents for export from LEP.  One way is to mark the documents for export as "key documents" in the Document Viewer> Document tab and then filter on Key Documents in the Browse page.

A second way is to use a custom tag. Rename an unused custom tag as Export to TrialDirector (Management>Manage Custom Doc Fields). Tag all appropriate documents
in the Document Viewer> Document tab.  Filter on the new Export to TrialDirector field in the Browse page.

With either, it is best practice for the file name to be descriptive.  The file name will be imported into TrialDirector and used to identify the documents in that program.

Export to LEP 

    To export the filtered documents to a local computer, click Export to Briefcase. The user will be prompted where to save the Zip file ( that has been created. Save to a local computer.  Unzip the files in the briefcase.  

Download Briefcase exports the PDF and Native version of the files.  The user will only need to import one set of documents (e.g. PDF).  
Delete any sub-folder containing versions of the files that will not be imported to TrialDirector. 

To export LEP timelines, go to the Analysis>Facts and Issues page. Select the issue to export and then Export to Word or Export to Excel from the button on the lower left, and save to the Briefcase folder used for documents.

Drag and Drop Files into TrialDirector

Arrange Windows desktop to view both the TrialDirector Case Explorer pane and the Windows Explorer (or My Computer) pane.  An import window entitled Manual Selection Dialog will open. Select (with mouse) the documents in the Briefcase and drag them onto the open TrialDirector window. The user will be given several naming options within TrialDirector.

The documents will be imported into Trial Director. The documents will be under the Native tab. PDF files will have two versions. The original will be located under the Native tab and images of each page of each document will be present in the image tab. The TrialDirector software does this to facilitate page-based presentations.

If you need more help, TrialDirector explains this process in more detail in the TrialDirector manual. You may also contact