Manage Review Sets (CreatingSets)

Location: Account->Manage Review Sets


This page outlines the process for Account Admin users to create Review Sets.

A Review Set is a group of documents culled from the collection of documents. Review Sets are useful when users have a team of reviewers to review a large set of documents. Individual Review Sets can be created by an Account Admin User and assigned to reviewers and can only be created one at a time. The size of each Review Set will vary according to the needs of the project.

The Review Set allows multiple reviewers to all work through a single set of documents without accidentally reviewing the same document multiple times. It also helps with dynamically adding or removing reviewers from a review without having to re-allow specific documents to each reviewer.

Instructional Video:

For video instruction for creating review sets, follow this Link.

Create Review Sets

Review Sets are created by selecting 'Manage Review Sets' from the 'Account' tab in LEP. From there, the user must click CREATE NEW SET.

After clicking CREATE NEW SET, the user will be presented with a dialog box to add the title of the review set. The default title for any new Review Set will always start with the words 'Review Set' and the current date MM-DD-YYYY, but users can revise or change the default title as necessary. Click CREATE to create the review set.

Determining Document Order of Review Batches

Once the review set has been created, the user should see the Review Set management screen, where the Review Order may be edited. Master Date is the default option (Review Order). This option is useful for reviewing documents in chronological order (especially emails). Source File Path is the alternative option (Review Order). This option is particularly tailored toward non-email loose files which were originally located in heavily nested folders.

The names of all Review Sets will appear in the drop down menu.

Add Documents to Review Sets

Navigate to Browse or Search. Locate the documents to add to the Review Set. There are different methods to determine which documents to add. The user may filter the documents by any of the built-in document fields or user created custom doc fields.

The user may also search for documents with specific keywords in the Search tab and use saved searches from previous searches via Search Quick Links.

Select the documents individually or click Select Docs: All. On the left side of the screen, expand the section Review Sets. From the drop down menu for Add Docs to Review Set, select the appropriate Review Set.

A dialog box will appear to confirm the number of selected documents to be added to the Review Set. Click OK to add the selected documents to the chosen review set. Please note: When documents are added to a review set, the review set is automatically expanded to include the entire email family, i.e. if an attachment is added, the corresponding email and sibling attachments will be added to the review set as well.

The main page will refresh and display the message "Documents added."

NOTE: Once added, documents cannot be removed from a review set. If documents are added to a review set that do not need to be reviewed, the user should create a new review set and add only the documents needed.

Access to Review Sets

Once documents are added to a review set, the review set must be activated in order to begin the review as follows: navigate to the Account->Manage Review Sets page, select the Review Set to activate from the dropdown menu on the left, and click START REVIEW.

The message below will appear to confirm this:

Once a review set has been activated by clicking START REVIEW, documents cannot be added to that review set. Instead, a new review set should be created to add the new documents.

Documents will be available to checkout for review from the Discovery->Review Batch menu item. From there, the reviewer should select the desired review set from the dropdown menu to the left.

After selecting the desired review set, the reviewer must click REVIEW DOCS IN SET to begin review.

The Review Set is available from Browse by filtering on the Review Set title.

As a security precaution, once review begins, the Review Set is locked. The user will be unable to add or remove documents. Additionally, clicking Review Complete will lock the Review Set. If further review is required at that point, the user would need to either create a new review set or contact Professional Services to reset.