Review Tracking

Location: Account->Review Tracking


This feature allows the Admin User to track the daily productivity of each reviewer and generate an Excel report. Account Administrators will be able to check the documents reviewed 'Daily,' 'Hourly,' by 'Doc Count,' 'Pages,' 'Gigabytes,' and 'Activity.'

Reports generated under this page will be linked to the documents marked as Reviewed ("Reviewed by Me" or "Reviewed by Others" in the Document Viewer). For a listing of the documents viewed or downloaded by any user(s) see Audit Doc Access (Admin Users only).

Built-in Reports

Select a built-in report as described below:

Daily Docs Reviewed: Includes the dates users were logged in and how many documents were reviewed by each user.

Hourly Review Rate: Includes the date and the total number of documents reviewed per hour.

Total Hours Reviewing: Includes the hours per day each user worked on the current case.

Pivot & Graph Reports

For each selection there is a Report version and a corresponding Graph version:

To export a graphic from Review Tracking to, for example, a Word document do the following:

In the Review Tracking>Graph tab, right-click on the graphic and save as image (e.g. PNG) to local desktop. Copy or Ctrl-C.

In Word, Paste or Ctrl-V the image.

Select Filters

This function narrows the search and shows results based on specific terms. For example, to find specific reviewers click Select Filter->Reviewers, select a user email, and apply. This action will filter and display all documents reviewed by the user(s) selected.


Export to Excel saves the current Report to an Excel spreadsheet format.