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The Facts & Issues feature is used to organize facts, issues, and dynamic timelines specific to a case. Facts may be associated with one or more issues. Each fact may link to one or more underlying documents which support the fact. Facts with dates automatically display in dynamic timelines. Facts are document specific not email specific, meaning that a fact will not propagate across all documents in an email family. Facts & Issues can be exported to excel or to a briefcase for review outside of LEP.

Instructional Video:

For video instruction on crafting facts and issues in LEP, follow this link.


To create a Fact, click the Create New Fact button from the left panel. A new window will open to allow edits to the Fact as detailed below.

Title: Enter the substance of the fact in the Title field. Facts are easier to work with when the Title refers to one fact and not several facts or a compound fact.

Task Date Start and End: The Start field indicates the start date for a fact and the End field, the end date. If the fact occurs on a single date, enter that date in both the Start and End columns.

Doc/Page: Allows the user to associate a fact to a specific page of one document.

Contested: The Contested field allows the user to indicate whether a fact is contested or uncontested and if contested, by whom.

Material: The Material field indicates whether a fact is material, not material, or undecided.

Assign Docs to Fact: The documents field allows the user to associate one or more documents with a fact and allows the user to track a fact to its source or sources to prove up.

Assign Custodians to Fact: This field allows the user to associate one or more custodians with a fact.

Assign Facts to Issues: This allows the user to associate facts with one or more Issues of the case.

The user may keep track of all key facts from the feature Show Fields. This action will display selected columns on the main table, listing specific information related to the Facts.

To delete a Fact, select the box next to the fact. Click Delete->Delete Selected Facts on the left side of the window. Note: The user might choose to download all facts to Excel as a backup before deleting any Facts.

Assign Existing Facts to a Selected Issue

Existing Facts can be assigned to one or more issues. To select an issue, click on the desired issue (upper left of the screen).


The Issues window displays a Microsoft Explorer tree view of all the issues that have been created in a particular case. Click on an issue to make it the Current Issue, as well as display all facts in the fact table associated with the issue.

Click the Create New Issue button in the lower left portion of Facts & Issues screen (below Issues window).

The New Issue will appear in the Yellow Highlighted Portion of the Facts & Issues Screen. To input the title of the Issue and a brief explanation (optional), click Edit.

Click Update to save changes made to the newly created Issue.

View Issues and Associated Facts

To view a particular issue and its assigned facts, click on the issue folder in the Issues window. Every issue will display all assigned facts and a corresponding timeline. Click any of the column headings to re-sort the timeline by that field. Click on the Title/Start/End/ bar to sort Facts in ascending order. Click again to sort facts in descending order. For example, clicking the Start Date heading places all the Facts in time order and clicking the Title heading places them in alphabetic order. The user may also view the full content of the fact Title through a popup window by placing the mouse over the fact icon.

Timeline View

The timeline header (upper right) shows the time scale and is automatically generated from the facts in the view. Each red bar shows the amount of time from start to end for the particular fact.

Add Documents to an Existing Fact from the Facts & Issues Page

From the main table click the Edit hyperlink to open a specific fact to be linked to one or more documents.

The hyperlink will open the Fact table. Under the section Assign Docs To Fact type or paste the title of one or more documents to be added to the selected fact, and click on Update. Copy by the title of any document from the Browse, Search or Document Viewer pages.

The main table in the Facts & Issues page will update automatically.

Add Documents to an Existing Fact from the Document Viewer

Open any document in LEP by clicking the title from the Browse or Search pages or click the title under the Docs field from the Facts & Issues page. The user will be redirected to the Document Viewer page. Create new facts and assign documents under the Facts tab by clicking on the New Fact link below.

To assign to an existing fact to the current document, hover the mouse over the drop-down list under the Add Doc to Existing Fact section.