Location: Browse


The Browse page shows all the documents uploaded in the current case.

Instructional Video:

For video instruction on creating Quick Links on the Browse page, follow this link.

Edit/Delete, Search, View and Select Documents

From Browse, the user may edit/delete documents: Select document(s)->Delete Docs->Delete Selected Docs.

See Search to find specific documents based on text or keywords.

See Shared Functions to select documents and perform multiple document operations.

See Manage Folders for more information regarding folders.

Multi-Level Sorting

This function allows sorting of documents for up to three levels. Click the Select Sort link to open the sort dialog.


Filter documents by any standard column (e.g. Title, Original Title, Extension, Pages, etc.) and/or Custom Doc Fields (Custom Coding Fields) at the same time. For dates, use standard formats like 9/27/2013; 7/18/2013 12:00:00 AM; 2012-09-24.

Review Sets

Only Admin Users have access to this section to create, add or remove documents to a Review Set. See Review Sets for additional information.

Document Comparison Tool

The document comparison tool can be used to compare two documents listed on the Browse page. For more information see Document Comparison Tool