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This is a feature that allows Account Admin Users to enter multiple search terms that will become persistent highlights in the HTML and TEXT tabs of the Document Viewer when documents are opened from Browse. This feature is also used to manage a list of terms in a set of documents, without having to select filters or open the Search page (no advanced search terms). As a security precaution, only Admin Users can create a group of terms to be highlighted by case.

Build a Keyword List

To build a keyword list, click the Edit link and enter the terms to be highlighted. Each word must be separated by the word "OR" and multiple words must be contained in parenthesis i.e. (Jeff* pre/3 Skilling) OR Prado OR ("alleg* several") OR Chewco OR ("Raptor I"). Enter terms exactly as they appear in the document. Up to 50 keywords may be entered. Click the Update link to save. Indexing can take several minutes. The user will receive a warning if the Index is out of date, meaning documents have been added to the database since the last Case Keyword indexing. To update the indexing, click on "Index Case Keywords" on the right hand menu.

Boolean Wildcards - Boolean wildcards are used to expand case keywords, as follows: A Boolean search word can contain the wildcard characters * and ?. A ? in a word matches any single character and a * matches any number of characters. The wildcard characters can be in any position in a word.

These Boolean Wildcards follow dtSearch search syntax. See Search for more information.

How to Find Highlighted Terms

Go to the Browse page and click on a document title. To see the highlighted terms, switch to the Html or Text tab from the Document Viewer.

Starting a New Keyword List

Click the Edit link, delete the current keyword list, enter new keywords, click Update. A new window will ask whether to Update Index Case Keywords. Click OK to start a new list. The page will display a message saying Keywords updated. This process is normally fast (less than a minute), but does depend on the size of the case.

Considerations On Case Keywords

Documents opened from the Search page will not display highlighted keywords. Search terms will be highlighted.

An account Admin User sets the keywords for everyone with case access.

Turning Off Case Keywords

To turn off Case Keywords, open the keywords list, remove the keywords, and update.