Review Batch

Location: Discovery>Review Batch


Lexbe offers a continuous review batch feature. This feature allows users to review as many or as few documents as they want without having to repeatedly check batches in and out from a review set.

A review set can contain any number of documents which are then batched out one document at a time as the user is reviewing them. Once a document is coded and saved, the document is automatically checked in and the next document batched out. This process continues until all documents in the review set have been reviewed. As such, using the review batch feature allows multiple reviewers to work through a single review set without accidentally reviewing the same document multiple times.

Accessing a Review Batch

Users can access review batches by going to the Discovery->Review Batch.

Users will see a drop down menu where they may select the review set they wish to work in. After selecting the applicable review set, click "Review Docs In Set"

When the user selects Review Docs In Set, their first document will populate in the doc viewer, and the user may begin reviewing.

Once the document has been coded, click Save (or use keyboard shortcut Alt+S) to save coding, check-in the document, and advance to the next document in the review set.

If coding an email with attachments, clicking Save (or Alt+S) will advance you to the next attachment in the email family. In instances where the Propagate Coding feature is selected, and the user does not wish to review all attachments to an email, the keyboard shortcut Alt+K will save coding, check-in the document, and advance to the next document without having to review any attachments.

As documents are reviewed, the number of documents remaining in the review set will be displayed under the DISC tab in the doc viewer, along with the type of document you are currently reviewing. Please note, the Documents Remaining count is representative of document families and does not include attachments.

You may exit the review at any point in time. To do so, simply select the Exit Review button in the doc viewer.