Pre-Processing MBox Files

(Gmail & Apple Mail)

In the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP), the automated conversion process automatically converts Outlook PST and MSG files. Other email files, such as MBOX email archives, will not automatically process. See Supported File Types for Automated PDF and TIFF Creation for more information.

MBOX emails

MBOX email is a generic file name (mail box) and represents different types of mail files (i.e., software dependent). For example, Google MBOX files are substantially different than Apple MBOX files. MBOX files will not convert as part of automated processing services. Instead, a placeholder file is created and it is noted in the database record that the file was Not Converted (i.e., is not supported).

Working with MBOX Emails

MBOX files should be converted to MSG or PST prior to upload to LEP.

The standard program for conversion in the eDiscovery industry is Aid4Mail.

IMAP protocol is recommended for Gmail (and Apple Mail) self-collection. Another option is to connect directly to the Gmail (and Apple Mail) account online and then map the email to a newly created PST file (using MS Outlook). Both of these options are offered as a professional service (billable hourly).