Allocating Billing by Case

This Technical Note explains the process of using an Excel spreadsheet exported from the Account->Manage Cases page to calculate and allocate hosting charges by case.

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) Billing

Accounts are billed at the beginning of each month based on the highest volume of data hosted during the previous month. In the screenshot below, the highest volume of data for March is 41.11 GBs. Deletions during the month of March would not affect the March bill (sent in early April). A reduction of data during the month of March would be reflected on the April bill (sent in early May). See Flex Account Billing for more information.

The Account Billing Size table shows the highest monthly usage for the current month and the three previous months.

To have a record for longer periods, select all cases and export the log to Excel on a regular basis. The worksheet tabs at the bottom of the Excel provide a summary report for four months. Sample Allocation Report in Excel format is illustrated in the screenshot below (and also attached to this Technical Note for download).

Steps to Calculate Case Allocations

1. Go to the Account->Manage Cases page. Select all cases and export log to Excel. Save the file locally.

2. Open the Summary worksheet tab and enter (from user's invoice) the GB Rate/Month (Column B, Row 6) as an integer. Once entered, the spreadsheet will calculate the total monthly billing and a breakdown of charges by case.

Monthly Allocation Reports are provided by Lexbe Accounting upon request.

Tips for Reducing Hosting Costs

Managing Account and Cases

Manage account storage from the Account->Manage Cases page. See Manage Cases for more information.

Cases Billed Separately

To request special billing arrangements (separate bills, direct client billing) or for questions regarding account plan and current usage, contact your sales consultant.