Computers have become extremely important nowadays, since they are precise, fast, and can achieve various tasks easily. Without computers, completing tasks manually would take much more time. Computers are now the leading source of digital evidence in civil litigation cases, due to computers having the ability to contain a substantial amount of valuable information. Computers can also contain useful information about other devices, such as USB thumb drives, cell phones, digital cameras, portable hard drives, and much more.

Our Forensics Team can collect a physical image (full image of device), logical image (everything except for unallocated space), or targeted image (specific data) of certain devices. With the assistance of forensic tools, the data that can be recovered from computers includes documents, internet history, downloaded files, server information, and other relevant information that you would need.

Please note, that in some instances, Remote Collection may be possible. If you want more information or are interested in this service, please contact our Sales Team at

What We Can Collect

We can collect from the following types of devices:

What to Expect

To collect computer data, our Forensic specialists requires that a Collection Form be filled out. Clients can expect to provide the following:

Once the collection is completed, the data will be exported in the requested format. If desired, data can then be loaded into Lexbe or another review platform for review. Available export formats include: