Integrated eDiscovery Messaging+

This technical note describes the process of collection, conversion and integration of individual messages into a Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) database.


Integrated eDiscovery Messaging+ is a Lexbe pre-processing litigation support service that converts raw messaging data from internet messaging services into reviewable PDFs complete with metadata extraction.

Integrated eDiscovery Messaging+ can currently automatically support Google Hangouts.

Conversations from other messaging services can be exported, however, these conversation files contain raw data and are not in a readily reviewable format. Once converted to Excel file logs, they can be uploaded to an LEP database for review, searching and coding. The excel file will also be available for download where additional sorting and searching can be performed directly in Excel.

Features of Integrated eDiscovery Messaging+ Service

    • Major Messaging Formats Supported: Google Hangouts

    • Reviewable PDFs Created: Our service creates a reviewable PDF of messages, per day, with sender, recipient, date, time, suitable for review.

    • Bates-Stampable: Messages can be individually Bates-stamped.

    • Printable: Messages can be individually printed for Depos, motions, Trial exhibits, etc.

    • Comprehensive Review: Conversation strings among multiple messaging services can be displayed in Date order and filtered per participants.

    • Searchable: Messages are fully searchable and can be reviewed, coded and produced as any other standard document type


The first step in the process is to collect the raw data files. Below is a list of messaging services with links to export instructions directly on the site. Forensic Examiners can collect these data files as well. Aside from Google Hangouts, Lexbe will need an excel log file of messages in order to upload for comprehensive review.

Upload into LEP Database

The last step of Lexbe’s Integrated Messaging+ Service is to upload the message documents into an LEP database for review.