PDF Merge


This technical note provides step-by-step instructions for taking multiple files merging the files into one (1) PDF with or without a separator page between document breaks.  The user should already be familiar with how to create a Briefcase before attempting to create Merged PDFs.

Merging a briefcase to a single PDF will allow for a single click print of the documents in the PDF folder of the briefcase. If the user selects the order in which they would like the documents to be titled (bates, control number, date) at the time of briefcase creation, the single click print will automatically print your documents in the indicated order. 

Creating a single PDF from multiple documents

1.  Select desired files to be merged into a singe PDF from either the Browse or Search screen.

2.  Create the briefcase for the documents selected in Step 1.

3.  In the Export to Briefcase screen, select "Send Notification Upon Completion".

4.  Create Briefcase.


5.  Go to Case>Download Briefcase page.

6.  Select the Briefcase created in Step 2.

7.  Select "Create Merged PDF" from the PDF Merge section. (Inserting a separator sheet as a break between documents is optional.)

8.  Download the briefcase.

9.  Open the briefcase and locate PDF Merge file.   

Redacted Documents

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform will automatically merge the redacted versions of any PDFs documents exported to the briefcase.

Recommended Size for Creating Merged PDFs

Creating merged PDFs larger than 1,000 pages per briefcase should be avoided as the size of the MergedPDF starts to become large and can begin timing out.