Custom Review Set Batching


One of the most important factors to consider when adding documents to a review set is that the same document is not added to multiple review sets. When adding documents per custodian or per Master Date as recommended on the Review Set Batching tech note, this safe-guard is enabled by default as documents and corresponding email families will only have one custodian and one Master Date value.

In the event that documents are to be divided per a dynamic or non-solitary value, such as a tag or search term, it is recommended to add all corresponding family members to the Review Set as well as take a QC measure and create a tracking review set tag for which you can exclude in subsequent review sets.

Custom Batching Process

    1. Create Review Set: For information on creating review sets, see Review Sets (Create Set)

    2. Create a custom field (tag) for review set: For more information on creating custom sections/fields, see Creating Custom Document Sections and Fields.

    3. Isolate Documents: From Browse or Search, isolate desired document pool by applying filters or search term.

    4. Tag Documents: Ensure all documents are selected, navigate to the left side menu bar, expand the Multi Doc Edit section and select the custom review set tag from the drop down menu, select the "Expand to Email Family" box and update documents.

    5. Add Documents to Review Set: Select all documents, navigate to the left side menu bar, expand Review Sets section and select corresponding review set from drop down box.

    6. Repeat steps 1-4 for next Review Set and then select additional filter to exclude the documents added to review set 1 by clicking the ‘NOT’ box and selecting the previous review set custom tag (this will remove any document previously added to the first review set that may also have the parameter(s) for the second set).

Set Up Reviewer-Specific Review Sets

Review tracking in LEP is not kept per batch, but rather per user and on a per document or per hour basis. If review documents need to be divided equally among multiple reviewers, then the document pool must be batched manually and added to separate review sets where each reviewer will work out of their own set. See suggested steps below.

    1. Set-up custom fields (tags) per reviewer

a. For more information on creating custom sections/fields, see Creating Custom Document Sections and Fields

    1. Export log of main document pool to Excel

b. From Browse, apply filters to isolate document pool (i.e. Custodian)

c. Apply Exclude Attachments filter (attachments are pulled into review sets based on family members so this will eliminate the risk of an email family being reviewed in two separate sets)

d. Back on Browse, display the DocId, Title and custom reviewer tag fields as well as any other fields that may be used in determining the batches

e. Once the document pool is displayed on Browse screen, select all documents and click Export Log to Excel from the left side menu bar

    1. Create Batches in Excel

a. Open exported log in Excel

b. Tag documents with the custom reviewer tags directly in Excel in desired increments

i. This will allow review manager to easily filter for each reviewers custom tag in LEP and add the corresponding documents directly to the reviewers review set

ii. For more details on coding in Excel, see Coding in Excel and Upload Metadata

    1. Create Review Sets

a. For information on creating review sets, see Review Sets (Create Set)

b. Name the Review Set in a manner that easily distinguishes between reviewers, i.e. “Reviewer Name: Review Set Description”

5. Add Documents to Review Sets

a. From Browse, filter on the first custom reviewer tag

b. Select all documents, navigate to left side menu bar and expand Review Sets section

c. Using the dropdown, select the corresponding review set for that reviewer

d. Confirm by clicking Add Selected Docs

e. Repeat process for each reviewer/review set

f. Before reviewers can begin review, the Administrator must release the review sets by going to each set from the Account>Manage Review Sets page and click Start Review (this will pull in family members as well)

6. Review

a. The naming convention of the Review Sets will be carried over to the Review Batch page

b. Direct reviewers to go to Discovery>Review Batch page and select their corresponding review set *There is no safeguard among reviewers and review sets so it is important that a reviewer carefully and assuredly selects their own set*

c. Once review set is selected, click Review Docs in Set

d. This will take the reviewer to the Doc Viewer to begin review

e. Once all documents have been reviewed, the reviewer will be directed back to the Review Batch page which will notate “No documents remaining, review is complete”

f. After applicable QC checks and/or second passes, the Administrator can then change the Review Set status to Review Complete by selecting the review set and clicking the Review Complete button on left side menu

Additional Assistance

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