Excel and Word Export

How to use Excel and Word to Export Case Analysis (Chronological Report)

Export Facts & Issues to an Excel spreadsheet (pivot option available to Admin Users) and copy the chronological report into a Word document as follows:

Select Facts & Issues and export to Excel.  Open Word 2010, navigate to Home, click Paste drop down button and hit Paste Special.  Click Paste link and select Excel Worksheet Object from the list. Click OK to continue.  This will create a report in Word.

Another work-around is to copy the Excel spreadsheet to a Word Document

From Excel, select all the rows in question, or hit Ctrl-A. 

Right click on a row number and select Row Height. 

Type 50 as new height and click OK.

From Word File->Paste, select the option:

Paste Special->Paste Link As->Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object

This is will bring the report:

Excel Versions

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform supports the two most recent versions of Excel for Excel integration (2010 and 2013).  If using previous versions (before 2010), the user may lose some formatting, hyperlinks, scripts image files (HTML only), or lists of data in a single cell.