Confidentiality Agreements &

 Protective Orders

This technical note describes the procedure for submitting a request for Lexbe’s signature on a Protective Order or Confidentiality Agreement.

What is a Protective Order or Confidentiality Agreement?

The primary purpose of a protective order or confidentiality agreement is to designate procedures agreed upon by all parties to facilitate the protection of confidential and/or privileged information. Additionally, such agreements will often include clawback provisions in case inadvertent disclosure of confidential or privileged information occurs, as well as procedures to assist in the settling of disputes regarding confidentiality.

Submission of a Confidentiality Agreement or Protective Order to Lexbe

In the standard course of business it is not uncommon for our clients to request that we join and execute a case-specific protective order or confidentiality agreement. Lexbe is happy to provide this service to our clients free of charge, and Lexbe works to have these types of documents signed and returned to our clients within one to two business days.

Please send the confidentiality agreement or protective order you wish Lexbe to execute to Upon receipt, Lexbe will review the agreement, provide comments or suggestions if requested, and then Lexbe will sign and return the executed copy to you by email with the original to follow by U.S. Mail if requested. Lexbe will maintain a copy of the signed document in your account’s file for future reference.