Archiving Cases

Contact Professional Services to Archive a Case

To archive a case in LEP, please fill out the form located at the bottom of this page and email it to and our team will perform this service.

Once Professional Services has completed the archive, a copy will be sent to the user via hard drive or another mutually agreed upon method.  

Deleting Cases from LEP

Professional Services will delete the archived documents and the Archive Job from LEP (unless instructed otherwise) after receiving confirmation that the user has received the archive.  Archive Jobs do increase storage so if it's no longer needed, we recommend deleting the Archive Job in addition to the archived documents.  In situations where the entire case is archived, Account Admin Users also have the ability to delete the case from LEP.  See Case Deletion for more information.      

Case Hibernation

An alternative to archiving a case is to host data on a hibernated basis (no client access) at a reduced monthly charge.  All metadata and coding is retained and can be restored by paying the current month on a full access basis.  See Account Hibernation for additional details about this feature.  For information about pricing and to discuss further, contact your eDiscovery Solutions Director.