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Displays the Custodians involved in the current case. Custodians are the litigants, deponents, witnesses and other individuals and organizations in the case that provide factual information.  The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) allows the user to record each custodian's name, relation to other custodians and a description of the role the custodian plays in the case.  

Creating New Custodians

The user may import custodians using Excel, as noted below. See Tracking Files By Custodian for additional insights on custodians.

Import Custodians 

Users may import a list of custodians created using Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx).  Prepare the spreadsheet with the same headings that are on the Custodians page, as follows:

Editing Custodians

Deleting Custodians

Please note, the Custodian field will be changed to Unassigned for any documents where the custodian has been deleted from the case.

Exporting Custodians To Excel

Follow these steps to export a list of the custodians in the case along with all of their corresponding details.

Searching Custodians

Type a custodian's name into the search bar to quickly locate an entry.

Assigning and Filtering on Custodians

From the Add Case Documents Page

From Browse and Search Pages 

From the Facts & Issues Page