Manage Cases

Location: Account->Manage Cases

This is an administrative function and only available to Admin Users of an account.

Select Account

All accounts for which the Admin User has administrative rights are listed in the drop down window. The Admin User may only select one account at a time. Once an account is selected, the cases within the account appear in the main table on the right side of the screen.

The listing shows the cases associated with the account, the size in GB of each case, and the users associated with each case. One or more cases can be selected for an action using the checkboxes to the left of each case.

Account Billing Size

Immediately below the Select Account drop down under the heading Account Billing Size (in green) is highest monthly usage (in GB) for the current month and the three previous months. Mouse over one of the months to see billing details for that month.

The column Current Case Size reflects the amount of storage that is currently used in each case. As long as no data has been deleted, it will match the maximum billing information. See Account Billing for more information.

Add Users

To add an existing user (one that already has access to another case in the account) to one or more cases in the account, select the case or cases and choose the user from the drop-down list on the left. The main table to the right will refresh and the new user associations will be reflected.

Remove Users

To remove a user's case access, select the case or cases using the checkboxes on the main table (with the User's column shown) and select the user to remove using the selection box to the left entitled: Remove User From Case.

This may also be performed under Account->Manage Users section. For more information see Manage Users.

Create New Case in Account

To create a new case, click Create New Case In Account, type the new case name in the New Case Name text box, and select Create New Case. After adding a new case, assign user access, including yourself if, as Admin User you wish to see the case on the dashboard and want to be able to access it. For more information see Manage Users. Create New User in Account

To add a new user to an account, select Create New User In Account, click Add New User, enter the new user's email address, customize the email subject, add a personal message, and indicate whether you would like to receive a copy. The main table to the right will reflect the new user and an introductory email will be sent with login information and the user password. If a user already has access to the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) from another account under the email address added, then the cases will show up on the user's dashboard and they will have access, and an email will not be sent. If a user has lost or forgotten the login password, see Recover Password. A new password will be emailed to the user (the old password will no longer work). If access problems persist, contact Professional Services.

Delete Cases

Select the Account (if applicable) and select the case(s) you wish to delete (checkbox). This action will highlight the case(s) to be removed from the account. Expand the section called Delete Cases and click Delete Selected Cases button. For more information see Case Deletion.

Allocate Billing within Cases

For more information on the LEP Template for Account Billing Allocation, see Billing Allocation.

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