Email Attachments

This technical note discusses viewing email bodies and attachments in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP).


Emails may be filtered as follows:


Duplicates (Exclude Duplicates and Duplicates)

Near Duplicates


Email Attachments

An email and its attachments are in order (email body followed by attachments).  

How to Identify Attachments

From the Browse or Search pages as follows:

Click on the Fields Drop-down, then Show Fields, and select the field IsEmailAttachment.   

Apply filter to Exclude Attachments.  Only original emails will display. Click on a document to open the Document Viewer and see attachments, if any, noted with the paperclip icon under the Email Family as shown below.

 The user may click on the Original tab to open the native version of a document. The user will have the option to download the email and open with a specific application related to the file extension (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).

Bates Assignment as Part of Production Jobs

Bates numbering is applied to all Responsive Documents as part of the production job. This includes Privileged and Work-Product documents, even though they are withheld from the actual production.  When Bates numbering is applied, emails and their attachments are Bates numbered in order, with the attachments following the email body.  Privileged and Work-Product documents are grouped at the end, following Responsive, but non-Privileged/Work–Product documents.

Showing the Association of Email Messages and Their Attachments

Once Bates numbering has been applied as part of a production (or incoming production and load file with Bates numbering), emails and attachments are Bates ordered.  Display the File Extension and IsAttachment to display MSG for email bodies and a check mark for email attachments.

What if Bates has not Been Applied

Control numbers will order email attachments after the email body for MSGs. They can be filtered and sorted with attachments nested after the email, and then filtered by Doc Type from the Browse page. The result will be an ordered list of email parents followed immediately by the attachment children.  See Control Numbers for more information.