DeNIST files

LEP offers the ability to "DeNIST" electronically stored information collected for a legal matter.  DeNISTing is a method of reducing the number of documents subject to review by removing file types that are highly unlikely to have evidentiary value.  

DeNIST is a feature that can be run on any case, per request, by Lexbe's Professional Services staff.

"NIST" in DeNIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  This list is maintained and updated several times per year as part of the National Software Reference Library Project.  LEP compares all ESI in a collection against the National Software Library list and removes files matching those on the list unlikely to contain relevant information.  

DeNISTing a document collection before review is a recommendation and best practice by reducing the number of files subject to hosting and review.

For more information on DeNISTing, please reach out to and an eDiscovery Specialist will be happy to answer your questions.  You may also find information on the current list by visiting