Lexbe Production Upload Instructions for Receiving Party

This technical note describes the production deliverable created by the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP), and is intended as instructions for the receiving party of the production.


A Lexbe production can be imported as a native, PDF or TIFF production into all major eDiscovery platforms that support Concordance (DAT/OPT) or Summation (DII) load file types.  Most modern eDiscovery platforms can load productions in these formats, including CaseLogistix, Concordance, iPro, Logikcull, Nextpoint, Relativity, Ringtail, and Summation.

Production Format

Lexbe’s Standard PDF Production is delivered in the following folder structure:

PDF: contains Bates stamped PDF per document; named per BegBates

ORIGINALS: contains native version of each document; named per BegBates

TEXT:  contains OCR’d text in .txt file per document; named per BegBates

LOADFILES:  contains all-inclusive variety of load files needed for appropriate loading into all major eDiscovery platforms

Lexbe’s Standard PDF Plus Tiff Production contains all folders described above in addition to the following:

IMAGES:  contains Bates stamped, single page TIFF and .txt files; named per Bates number

Downloading Production from LEP Link

LEP has an option to share productions through an auto-generated download link.  If you’ve received a Lexbe production via LEP link, below are a few considerations.

Multi-Volume ZIP:  Depending on the size of the production, it may be split into multiple zip “parts” to aid in efficient download.  As such, zip parts must be downloaded individually and then extracted all at once in order to unpack the production appropriately back into the main subfolders.  For detailed instructions, see ZIP/RAR Files help page

Security:  Productions are transmitted and stored under strong 256-bit (AES-256) encryption, which is the same technology used by leading financial institutions. LEP operates within the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud environment and incorporates Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Elastic Block Store (EBS) technology. Amazon is a leading service provider for the infrastructure, network, and physical security layers of a cloud-based network environment. Servers are maintained in secure, limited access, physically isolated data centers, and monitored from network operating centers 24×365. AWS data center personnel do not have logical access to LEP applications or to the data of any LEP customers hosted online.

Unique links:  The download links are unique for each production and randomly generated. The option to password protect the download link is available, so if it is password protected, please obtain password from the producing party.

Fast, No-Charge Production Loading

Lexbe-generated productions can also be loaded into the separate Lexbe account of the receiving party, and be ready for review within one business day.  Loading charges are waived for the loading of Lexbe productions by Lexbe staff into the Lexbe account of a receiving party. Most Lexbe accounts also include courtesy (no charge) loading of all standard productions and load files, including all Lexbe-generated productions.  To obtain a free quote, please fill out the Request a Quote form or contact the Lexbe Sales department directly at (512) 686-3462 or sales@lexbe.com.