ESI Data Mapping

This technical note will discuss the process and associations of Lexbe’s ESI Data Mapping service.

As an extension of Lexbe-hosted Custodian Interviews, Lexbe offers an ESI Data Mapping Service that will create a snapshot of collected data and future data to be collected within a given case.

Benefits of ESI Data Mapping

With the increase in multiple communication tools used to conduct normal course of business, the margins of data to be collected is expanding. A clear, organized map of the potentially relevant data sources minimizes the risk of omitting an important collection opportunity. Having access to snapshot graphs and reports allows for the opportunity to appropriately pre-plan costs and establish a collection and hosting budget.

How it works

The collection specifics will be associated with each individual custodian and each individual source of data and will be recorded during the custodian interview. The collection specifics include:





Contact Email

Contact Phone

Data location (City, State)

Interview Date

Data Source

Number of GB’s

Collection data and status

Case name

Login credentials (if applicable)

This information is maintained in an Excel workbook per case where reports and graphs are automatically generated. The default reports are below, however, custom reports can be generated upon request:

Total Confirmed GB’s per Custodian

Total Confirmed GB’s per Data Source

Unconfirmed data records per Custodian

Unconfirmed data records per Data Source

Integration into Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP)

The ESI Data Mapping log can be uploaded into an LEP database for automatic creation of custodian records.

Custodian Interviews

For more information on Lexbe-hosted Custodian Interviews, please see Custodian Interviews.

Contact Professional Services

ESI Data Mapping is a service provided by Professional Services. Contact your eDiscovery Solutions Director or the Lexbe Sales Department for pricing information.