Production Load File

This technical note discusses production in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) using load files.


Load files are plain text files using characters called delimiters (comma, tab or special character delimiters) to separate metadata items in the load file. Load files include reference and association of data items such as Bates number or control number, beginning and ending Bates number of a document, beginning and ending Bates number of email attachments, date (date/time sent and received for email and date last modified for other native files), sender or author, receiver, and custodian. Fields also reference the path to single page TIFF images, single page text files, and PDF and native file versions. Extracted or OCR text may be included as separate files (referenced in the load file) or sometimes part of the load file itself.

Production Load Files in LEP

The Platform generates what are called Blended or Mixed productions, because it creates PDF, TIFF/text, and linked Natives output for Productions. It also includes standard load files in Excel format (Excel files are easier to view and work with than other load file formats).

Advantages of LEP Blended Productions

Natives, PDFs, and TIFFs are all included.

Load files are produced in multiple formats: DAT, OPT, DII, XLSX.

Natives are linked to PDFs and TIFFs in load files.

Redacted documents are substituted and flagged.

Bates numbers are used in PDFs, TIFFs, and Native files (naming).

Separate document control numbers are available if needed.

Over 30 metadata fields are included in standard load files.

LEP's load file is in Excel format and may be opened, searched, and analyzed outside of a litigation review database.

Confidential and special designations (e.g., Atty Eyes Only) are stamped on PDF pages as needed.

PDFs and Natives may be shared with experts, clients, and other persons without access to LEP.

A Privilege log is automatically created in Excel using fielded data from native file extraction (e.g., Author, Date, Time, Subject) to speed creation and privilege review.