Review Sets

(Formerly Manage Review Sets, Review Batch, and Review Tracking)

Location:  Discovery>>Review Sets 


This page now includes all functionality from the now deprecated Manage Review Sets, Review Batch, and Review Tracking pages. As before, access to each of these features is dependent on the user's permissions. A Review Set contains documents that have been identified for review. Review Sets can only be created, edited, and deleted by Account Admins. Review Sets allow multiple reviewers to work in the same set of documents without reviewing over one another. 

Managing Review Sets   (Account Admins Only)

Review Set Insights

Creating Review Sets

Adding Documents to Review Sets

**NOTE: Documents cannot be removed from a review set once added. If documents are added that do not need to be reviewed, the user should create a new review set and add only the necessary documents.

Editing, Deleting,  and Releasing Review Sets

Account Admins can use the below buttons to complete the above listed actions (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1  Account Admin Display Before Review Set is Released

Reviewing Documents in a Review Set

Reviewing Insights

Accessing Documents for Review

Fig. 2  Review Display Once Review Set is Released

5. As documents are reviewed a history of those documents will populate in the left panel. This panel can be accessed by clicking the double arrow in the lower left corner (Fig. 3). This panel provides the following functionality:

Fig. 3 Review Sets Doc Viewer

6. Users can exit the review at any time by clicking "Exit Review" and they'll be returned to the Review Sets page.

NOTE: As documents are reviewed, the number of documents remaining in the review set will be displayed under the DISC tab of the doc viewer, along with the type of document you are currently reviewing. Additionally, when reviewing a family the Documents Remaining count will only decrease once the entire family has been reviewed.

Fig. 4 Reviewer Display Once Review has Started

Review Tracking   (Account Admins Only)

Review Tracking Insights

Review Tracker Functionality

Accessing the Review Tracker

Display Options

Applying Filters

Generating and Exporting Reports

Fig. 5 Review Tracking Displays