Facts & Issues

Importable Case Issues (Construction)


This tech note provides an excel template containing standard construction issues and explains how it can be imported into an LEP database on the Facts and Issues page and/or Custom Doc fields page (for which they can then be used as tags on the Browse, Search or Doc Viewer pages).

How to use ‘Issues for Facts’ template

This template can be used to import issues (and corresponding facts if need be) on the Analysis>Facts and Issues page.

a. Issues values must be enclosed in quotations (“ “)

b. If using existing facts, or if more than one issue on the template belongs to the same fact, then you’ll need to create the fact in the database and export in order to obtain the Fact Id (LEP will unitize Facts per Fact Id, not Fact Title).  For information on how to create a fact and/or export a fact, please see Facts & Issues and/or Facts & Issues - Export or Import

c. If creating one, new fact per issue on the template, then the Fact Id field can be blank

  3. Once template is finalized, save and close.

  4. To import, go to the Analysis>Facts & Issues page

  5. From the left side menu bar, expand the Import section

  6. Click Browse and select saved template from local directory

  7. Click Import

Excel display:

LEP Display:

Issues as Tags

Custom Issue tags can be created manually by user, or can be imported by Lexbe Professional Services at the standard, billable PS rate.