Video and Audio Files

Videos and Audios

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) will not play video/audio directly in the browser. Whether the file will open under the Original tab is dependent upon mime type associations and browser settings.

In the screenshot above, At the Opera-short film is an MP4 video. Select, to be taken to the Document Viewer->Original tab. The user will see a prompt asking to either switch to Page View (faster) or stay in Original View (slower).

Either option will open the file in a different window.

Save the file or open locally using video-playing software (e.g. Real Player).

Reasons to Add Video Files

LEP indexing (dtSearch based) will index extractable text, including metadata, embedded within video files.

The user may open and play video files in the Original tab. This is mime and browser dependent.

Video files may be downloaded in a briefcase.

The files can be coded and added to notes or facts, even if slow to load or require download to play.

Size and speed of Internet connections impacts video files.

Reasons Not to Add Video Files

Videos fail to play because of size and Internet speed issues or complications in setting up mime/browser settings. VLC Media player and other programs attempt to do this automatically upon installation.