Technical Notes Available

We offer a number of Technical Notes that detail some aspect of working with the Platform, including workflow optimizations, best practices and technical explanations.  Please click on the title links below to see the applicable Technical Note.

LEP User Manual

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform User Manual

Training Videos

How-To Videos by Case Stage 


Custodian Interviews

Drafting ESI Agreements and Protocols

ESI Data Mapping

Litigation Hold Notices

Requests for Production


Collecting Cloud-Based Email Accounts

Remote Collection+

Remote ESI Collection

Forensic Disc Images

Uploading, File Transfer & Ingestion

Free Upload Policy for Subscription Accounts

Native Load File Spec

Secure FTP - Sending Files to Lexbe

Self-Upload a Native Production

Self-Upload a TIFF Production

Suggested Protocol on Scanning Documents for Loading Documents

Supported File Types for Automated PDF and TIFF Creation

QC of Self-Uploaded Files 

QC of Self-Uploaded Natives

QC of Self-Uploaded PDF Productions

QC of Self-Uploaded TIFF Productions

QC'ing Files with Little or No Text

Culling, Processing and OCR

AI Costs 

Automated ESI Processing

Control Numbers

Coding in Excel & Upload Metadata

Culling Documents Before Creating Review Sets


DeNISTing Files

Enhanced CAD Processing

ESI Culling

In & Out Processing Report

Placeholder Files

Document Coding & Review

Auto-Language Detection+



Batch Edit Date Fields

Best Practices Using LEP from Home

Bulk Text-Based Redaction

Bulk Upload of Redacted Documents

Bulk Upload of Translated Documents

Case Assessment

Cognitive Image Recognition

Consistency Check (Near-Duplicates)

CoPilot Insights 

Custom Designation - AEO

Custom Review Set Batching

Document Comparison Tool

Doing Document Reviews

Email Families & Propagation of Coding

Entity Detection

Facts & Issues - Importable Case Issues (Construction)

Folders vs. Document Fields/Tags

In-line Viewing of MS Office Docs

Keyboard Shortcuts

Mass Tagging Near Duplicates

Near Duplication

Near Dup Groups

NearDup Grouping for a Faster Review

Production of MSG & Container Files

Review Set Batching

Reviewing Documents Offline

Searching for Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Searching for Profanity and Obscenity

Sentiment Analysis


Tagging Multiple Fields

Text Highlighting

Two-Part Improved Translation Workflow

Email Issues

Email Attachments

Email Time Zones

MSGs Conversion Issues

Outlook Email Conversion

Repairing Corrupted MSG File (Self-Upload)

Repairing Corrupted PST File (Self-Upload)

Exports, Productions & Logs

Adding Bates Numbers to Documents

Bates Naming, Numbering & Stamping

Creating Custom Privilege Logs

Creating Redaction Logs

Finding Documents Previously Produced

Lexbe Production Upload Instructions for Receiving Party

Merge & Print PDFs By Date Order

Pre-Production Checklist

Privilege Log (Custom)

Production Load File

Production QC

Sharing Files

Sharing Documents with Expert Witnesses and Others

Sharing Productions

Specific Bates-Numbered Production

Preparing for Depositions, Motions & Trial

Deposition Summaries

Importing Lexbe Documents into Sanction

Importing Lexbe Documents into Trial Director 360

Transcript and Exhibit Management

Workflow for Deposition Preparation

Working With Transcripts & Exhibits

Learning Tutorials

Basic Search

Support & Billing

Account Billing Policies Based on Storage

Account Hibernation

Certified Deletion of Customer ESI

Client Billing Portal

Lexbe Support & Resources

Tips for Reducing Hosting Costs in the eDiscovery Platform


Archiving Cases

Browser Versions

Built-in Doc Fields

Case Keywords 

Certified Deletion of Customer ESI

Clear Cache

Coding in Excel and Upload Metadata

Confidentiality Agreements & Protective Orders

Container File Expansion

Corrupt PDF Files

Document Troubleshooting

Doc Viewer Troubleshooting

Dual Monitors

Excel and Word Export

Full Text Index

Integrated eDiscovery Messaging+

Internet Connection Speeds

Keypad Encrypted Drives for Transferring ESI

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform - Feature Summary

LEP Quick Reference Card Available

Manual Annotation

Manual Redaction

Master Date & Metadata Fields


Motion and Brief Bank

Nightly Maintenance Window


PDF Merge

Splitting, Merging & Unitization

Standard Metadata Processing & Load File Fields

Support For Mac OS X

Text Message

TIFF Image (DAT) Load File Spec

Tracking Files By Custodian

Uber Index

Unusual & Large Files

Unicode and Foreign Language Support

Videos and Audios

View Original Files In Mac

Working with Cursive Handwriting Files


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