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The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) has the ability to remove pages from a PDF, and to split PDF documents into smaller independent documents. All documents in the case that have undergone splitting or page removal will be listed on this page. While users can perform and view document splits and page removal via the Doc Viewer, users can also perform additional split and removal tasks directly from this page if desired.


Splitting or Removing Pages from a PDF Listed on This Page

The documents appearing on this page have already been split or undergone page removal at least once. While additional splitting and page removal tasks can be done from the Doc Viewer, they can also be done from this page. Instructions to create and run additional split/removal tasks directly from this page are as follows:

Example Page Removal Instructions

Instructions: 1,3,6-10

Split Method:  Remove Pages

Result: A new PDF is generated with pages 1, 3, and 6-10 removed.

Example Split Instructions

Instructions: 1,3,6-10

Split Method:  Extract Pages

Result: Three new PDFs are generated, the first is Page 1 of the original document, the second is Page 3, and the third are Pages 6-10.

**When splitting or removing pages from a PDF the original document is not affected and remains available in the case.

Completed Split Task