Adding Bates Numbers to Documents

Bates-Stamping in LEP

LEP applies a Bates-stamp to documents as part of a production generated on the Discovery->Production Job page. 

How to Add Bates on Documents

1.  Create a Production

2.  Select the documents for Bates-stamping from the Browse page and add them to the newly created production. 

3.  Run the production.

4.  Download or delete the production. 

The Bates number shown on the Browse, Search, and Document Viewer pages reflects the Bates number the document was assigned in the last production. The Bates number for any document in a production is stored in the production.  It will retain the Bates number assigned when the production was first created for that production.  If a document is included in a subsequent production, it will be assigned a new Bates number for that production.  

Bates Applied to Logos and Other Small Images

The automated file processing takes small images and applies them to blank PDFs (8.5" x 11" standard letter-size paper) without the font running off the page and also applies the Bates number.  See Logos and Small Images for more information.

Control Numbers (Alternative to Bates-Stamping)

Control numbers are a unique string of consecutive numbers similar to Bates numbers (sequential and can be printed on documents).  They can be assigned from the Add Case Docs page.  They may simplify the document review process before Bates-stamping is applied in an actual production.  

Applying control numbers on documents enables the user to download documents from the Browse page (Download briefcase). Control numbers also aid in the review of documents that were part of an earlier production without creating Bates holes or overwriting existing Bates numbering.