Best Practices Using LEP from Home


The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) is designed from the ground up to be Web-based and to allow users to access and use it from anywhere. Unlike many other eDiscovery software applications, virtual access or remote control of another office computer is not required. This results in faster and more direct access.

Using LEP from Home

Here are suggested best practices for using LEP from Home.

    • Have a High-Speed Internet connection. LEP can work with marginal internet connections, but it works best with connections at least 8 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up.

    • Use Google Chrome Browser. LEP can work with many browsers, but optimal usage is with the most recent version of Chrome, for Windows or the Mac. Google Chrome also includes a very useful extension for viewing Excel and other Office files natively. For more information on the extension, see In-line Viewing of MS Office Docs

    • Lexbe supports dual-monitor use and this can make document review more efficient. See Dual-Monitor use.

    • If you have very large files or a slow connection try our page at a time tab in the doc viewer. For more information, see Page View

Uploading Data

Lexbe supports various ways of uploading data to LEP. These include:

    • DIY via LEP’s Drag and Drop option. This is available to select user roles. It’s best for smaller uploads unless you have a fast connection. It’s good to ZIP or RAR files first, other than PSTs which should not be zipper or RARed. For more information, see Add Case Documents

    • Professional Services assisted upload. Professional Services team is available to perform uploads per request. Lexbe assisted standard uploads are free for Subscription Accounts. Data can be sent for upload via:

      • Link. Lexbe can receive data via end user FTP site or data transfer link

      • Lexbe can generate a one-time DropBox link; Email to request

      • Lexbe offers FTP and AWS accounts for client upload.

      • Hard Drives and Flash/Thumb drives. Lexbe can receive data on a physical hard drive at the Austin, TX headquarters. Please contact to coordinate and receive the delivery address


Lexbe maintains state-of-the-art security to ensure that customer documents are never compromised. Data security is our top priority and our redundant infrastructure, multi-level application controls, and strong 256-bit SSL encryption deliver the highest levels of protection for your legal documents. This applies equally while you are in the office or working form home.

Professional Services Support

Lexbe’s Professional services team is standing by and available to assist in any way they can. Please feel free to contact with any questions, concerns or project requests.