External Devices


There are many devices that store data in the world today, such as thumb drives, media cards, and CDs. With these external devices, you can increase your storage capacity, improve the performance of your computer that has a slow internal drive, and move it from one place to another. Since someone can use external devices to store data that might not be on their computer, it is imperative to examine these devices as they can have key information during an investigation.

The members of our Forensics Team can conduct a physical image (full image of device), logical image (everything except for unallocated space), or a targeted image (specific data) from the external device. Any data that is stored on the external device would be easily collected by using the various forensic tools we have here at Lexbe.

Please note, that in some instances, Remote Collection may be possible. If you want more information or are interested in this service, please contact our Sales Team at sales@lexbe.com.

What We Can Collect

We can collect from the following types of devices:

What to Expect

To collect external device data, our Forensic specialists requires that a Collection Form be filled out. Clients can expect to provide the following:

Once the collection is completed, the data will be exported in the requested format. If desired, data can then be loaded into Lexbe or another review platform for review. Available export formats include: