Sharing Documents with Expert Witnesses and Others


This technical note explains how to share documents with individuals outside of the case, such as expert witnesses, who will review or have access to a specific set of documents from a case.

Creating Custom Tags 

In the three options above, best practice is to create a custom section to identify documents to share with the expert or outside individual. 

Step 1: Create Custom Doc Fields

Create custom coding sections and fields (e.g. Docs for Experts) to identify documents by going to the Management>Manage Custom Doc Fields page. From that page: 

Click the Add Coding Section hyperlink and create section title (e.g. Docs for Experts) 

Click the Add Coding Field hyperlink and create Checkbox Title or Text Box Title:  (i.e. Expert Smith Review and Expert Jones Review)

Step 2: How to Apply Custom Tags

a) Use the Multi Doc Edit function from the Browse or Search pages to select and tag multiple files automatically.  Select the documents to tag by marking the check-box to the left of the documents, choose the tag from the dropdown and then apply Multi Doc Edit to tag all selected documents.

b) Documents may be coded one at at time from the Document Viewer>Disc tab, during privilege review.

c) Alternatively, LEP Power Users have the ability to modify document coded data and tag multiple files (modify multiple columns simultaneously), or import load files by generating custom Excel spreadsheets that can be uploaded into a case in LEP. See Upload Metadata for more information.  

Excel Reports

Once identified, a list of the documents may be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet to keep a record of which documents the expert(s) had access to. This feature is available from the Browse and Search pages, using Export>Export Log to Excel.

How to Download the Documents

Select all the documents and then export to a Briefcase. Open the Export to Briefcase dialog box to select from the following options:

In the Name Files section, select the option: Using Control Numbers.

In the Control Number section, select: Stamp Existing Bates Numbers on PDF Pages.

Click the Send Notification Upon Completion option under the Notification section. 

In the Control Number section, the user may also select Stamp Existing Control Numbers on PDF Pages as well as add a Control Number Prefix.  After exporting the document to a briefcase, select one of the following:  Go to Download Briefcase Page, Stay on Current Page or Cancel Briefcase action. 

Wait for Briefcase to be completed and the email notification.

Download and expand Briefcase on Desktop.

Further Assistance

Project Management and Professional Services ( (billable hourly) are available to support document review efforts.