Pre-Production Checklist

Create Document Sets Using Coding Fields

There are two coding fields sections in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP).  These can be accessed from the Browse, Search, and Document Viewer pages and are described as follows: 

Built-in Doc Fields: Built-in fields (e.g. Responsive, Non-Responsive, etc.) facilitate coding, filtering of case data, and better integration of metadata from eDiscovery processing, Concordance, and Summation load files.  As an example, the Date field can be used as a controlling field during review in order to consolidate dates for searching, filtering, and eventually producing files. The Date field is left blank by default.

Custom Doc Fields: Custom fields created by an Account Admin User to identify documents and associate with specific issues established in a case.

Built-in Doc Fields and Custom Doc Fields can be filtered from the Browse and Search pages.

Case Assessment 

See Case Assessment for more information.  

Control Numbers

Control numbers simplify the cumbersome tasks of managing document revisions, assembling document issues, and maintaining the project document review before Bates Stamping is applied to a production.  See Control Numbers for more information. 

Searches for Keywords

See Case Keywords for more information.  

Finding Duplicates 

See Deduplication for more information.  

Identify Placeholders 

See Placeholders for more information.  


See Folders vs. Document Fields/Tags for more information.  

Limited Users (Experts)

This function is only available to an Admin User.  The Admin User may create custom tags based on specific criteria and assign files to Limited Users as follows:  

Under Management->Manage Custom Doc Fields, create a coding section (e.g. Damages).  Under the coding section create coding field(s) (e.g. Lost Profits, Fraud, Money Lost).  During review, tag files accordingly.

Once coded and tagged, Limited Users can be added and given access to a specific and limited set of documents as follows:  

Go to the Management->Manage Custom Doc Fields page, create a main coding section (e.g. Experts) and SharedCheckbox Field(s) (e.g. John, Mary, Joe, etc.).  Go to the Account->Manage Users page and associate one SharedCheckbox Field at a time to the correspondent Limited User-Expert established in the case.