Mobile Devices


Mobile devices have become an essential part of peoples’ daily lives, gravitating between personal and professional use. These devices are used for almost everything, including making phone calls and sending text messages to transferring money and storing important documents. As such, they are prone to contain relevant data that can be crucial to a case.

Our Forensics Team can create a forensic image of the device that contains all its data, or a targeted search that only collects specific data.

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What We Can Collect

We can collect the following, and much more:

  • System files

  • Internet history

  • Text messages

  • Photos

  • Call history

  • Deleted data

  • Location data

What to Expect

To collect data from a physical mobile device, our Forensic specialists requires that a Physical Device Collection Form be filled out, and, as there is not a method or tool that can collect mobile device data remotely, the device must be sent to our Austin office. Clients can expect to provide the following:

    • Device type

    • Any specific folders or document requests

    • Device PIN/Passcode

    • Any passwords for encrypted backups

Once the collection is completed, the data will be exported in the requested format. If desired, data can then be loaded into Lexbe or another review platform for review. Available export formats include:

  • Concordance (i.e. load file format)

  • PDF

  • Excel