Change Password

Location:  Management->Manage Password

Changing a Password

Click Manage Password to access the Change Password window. The user must know the old password to change to a new password. Enter the old password, the new password, confirm the new password and select Change Password. The new password may be used immediately. To maintain optimal security for the account, change the password on a regular basis.

Passwords must have at least 8 characters and one of the following:

*Capital Letter

*Number (0-9)

*Special Character (&^%$)

If the user does not remember the old password, click Recover Password to submit a request for a new one. As a security precaution, the user will be locked out of the system after several unsuccessful attempts to guess the password and will have to try again later.

Unable to log-in after changing the Password

If the user cannot log in to the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) after following the steps mentioned above, contact the main Admin User of the account.  The inability to log in may occur when the user has not been assigned to a case in the account.  For security reasons, only an Admin User can assign cases and grant access to LEP.  If the problem persists after a case has been assigned to the user, contact