Document Repository

How to use the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) as a Discovery Repository

LEP can be used as a secure document repository for discovery that can be searched by an opposing counsel as sometimes several firms are used on an ongoing basis for content relevant to a litigation or investigatory matter. To do this in LEP:

Create a New Case within an LEP Account

The user may create a specific case within an account and give persons outside the organization access to documents.

Share Documents with a Limited User

Add a Limited User to one or more cases in the account. This type of user will only have access to a set of documents specifically assigned to his/her case. This action is made under the Management>Manage Custom Coding. This type of user can also download documents one at a time from the Document Viewer.

Share Documents By A Private Download Link

LEP allows the user to share a Briefcase download by creating a Private Download Link that is sent to a recipient, rather than adding users to LEP or copying files to a flash drive/CD.